Friday, February 19, 2010

Water Ski

Another mild day today; about plus 4 when all was said and done. I started my day off by doing a painting out at the end of Bar Road.

The tide was out, and although it was again overcast, the light was good. I placed myself out of the wind, up near a big cedar bush, and focused the work on the gravel bar that leads over to Ministers Island.

The remaining snow on the island can be seen in the open field above the bar. It is the dark side of the island this time of year, and so a little snow lingers, despite the warm spell. Also, a little ice can be seen on the edge of the turn-around at the end of bar road.

A nice part of the image is the coloured rocks that line the road at the end of the bar.

After the painting, and some lunch, I went for a ski. I started at Chamcook lake again, but with all the rain, some deep puddles are sitting on top of the 2 foot thick ice. You go from fast skate-skiing one minute, to waterskiing the next! The trails beyond Chamcook Lake are still holding up, but I only give them a few more days in these mild conditions. I think I'm done with the lake until it gets cooler as well. I didn't like the wet feet!

Had a nice walk with the family later on in the afternoon, and finished things off with Youth Centre hockey.

All in all, a pretty full day.


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