Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Rain

It rained all day today... bit of a bummer if you like snow. On the other hand, I think that tomorrow I'll go out painting on the mountain bike.
I tried to find a bit of snow to paint today, and the only place it exists in town anymore is north of the Algonquin Hotel, in the ditches and dark spots of the forest. The road down to the subdivision, behind our famous hotel, has some not-so-straight service poles that always catch my eye when I go by, so today was their day!
What little snow that was there at 11am was totally gone when I went past again at 4pm. The nice browns and rusty-reds of the trees and undergrowth at this time of year, played well with the green of the pressure-treated poles. Throw in some rainy skies, and a wet asphalt road, and voila - February 18th, 2010 in St Andrews NB!

I'm also finishing up a small mural for Groom Insurance that will jazz up the small fence that blocks the alley between them and Tradewinds. I should complete the painting tonight, and have it ready to be sealed up with varathane tomorrow. If the nice weather holds, I'll install it early next week.
All for now.


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