Monday, February 22, 2010

The Start of a New Week

Another mild day for February... about 4 degrees and cloudy.

Taking advantage of the warm weather, I headed out to "the point" for a painting this morning. I set myself up looking north, towards Ministers Island. The tide was almost all the way out, exposing a lot of the ocean floor. Grey skies had rolled in, but in the distance some slivers of blue sky could be seen peaking through. These unusual light conditions usually create some pretty cool colours on snow at this time of year, but since we have none, it is interesting to see the effects light has on barren February ground. I especially like the yellow ochre fields on Minister's Island, and the purple coastline in the distance; they compliment each other very well.

Next on the list was the pyrography course I'm teaching at Sunbury Shores. The class today began to transfer their images of themselves onto their wood planks. By next week, they should have "burnt faces".

After some lunch, it was time for another painting. I decided to paint at Pottery Creek, a beautiful spot in town that I haven't painted in a while. The spot I chose to set up looked straight out to the south-east, with views of Navy Island and the coast of Maine. A lot of light was poking through the grey-blue clouds, creating nice conditions for painting. The tide was on the way back in, but most of the interesting features, that reveal themselves at low tide, were still showing. All-in-all, a nice painting!

In the late afternoon, I decided to check out the trails for a ski. I went to the north end of Chamcook Lake via the Bayside Port road, and started skiing from the rail line north. I went all the way to Hwy 1, and am again amazed at the good quality of the trails, despite the warm weather. If trails can hold up this well in such mild conditions, I can't wait to see what can be done with some cold weather and a few feet of snow!

Tune in tomorrow...


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