Friday, February 26, 2010


So I started the day with a trip out to the point to check out the waves. A strong wind was blowing from the northeast, and that makes for some cool surf, especially at high tide. I found that I could shelter myself from the wind and spray with the van tailgate up, so I stood there and did a painting.

Looking at it this evening, I think it captures the feeling of the storm this morning quite well!

Afterwards, I went to the gym at the Algonquin for my physical fix, then lunch, and back out to paint some more in the early afternoon.

This time, I set up in the same area at the point, but facing the other way... towards Maine.
The rain had stopped at this point, and the tide was on the way out. A thin grey mist was hanging out over the water, making the coastlines of Maine and Canada both appear, and then disappear. I chose the show them faintly, as that is the way they were most of the time. A lot of water had fallen from the sky, and was washed up on shore with the winds at high tide. I stood in salty puddles to do the painting. I love the colours in this painting; all in all, quite effective.

It started to snow at about 5pm. The good news is that if it sticks, I can go skiing; the bad news is that the snow makes the satellite ineffective, so no Canada hockey game.

I'd rather ski anyway... :)


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