Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Look

So today I took my daughter with me up to the High School to talk with some Board of Ed people about the ArtsSmarts program that they have involved me in. The kid fit in very well at the school, even though she is barely 16 months. Such a social girl for her age... she didn't find it intimidating in the least.

Anyway, it turns out that there is a shift in the way educators want students to learn, and SJDA is a pilot school for these concepts. I started to dig in to the "why" the evening before. The short story is, that the "Information Age" has changed the grounds that institutions of higher learning have been standing on for the last 200 years. No longer are "facts" a saleable commodity. Since the coming of the info age, facts are free. For schools to remain relevant in this new age, they must adapt, and quickly.

The answer, of course, is creativity!

Speaking of creativity, after some lunch I went out to do a painting. I decided to head down to the waterfront, and went down the boat-launch because it was low tide, and out of the wind. There I painted a nice little painting of the entrance to the harbour at low tide. I left the steel tower channel marker until last, and when I got home I realized that I left it right out! I'll have to go back tomorrow when the tide is right, and paint it in.

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