Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I started out my day with a trip up to the high school for a meeting with local music guru, and all-round great teacher and mentor, Shawn Corey. Shawn has kindly included me in an innovative program called ArtsSmarts, a collaboration that brings artists in the classroom to help students to "think outside the box" a bit. Some of the students have offered up some good ideas for creative projects to work on together, so I'm sure I'll have some cool entries to make in the weeks to come.

With that well on the way, I headed up to the golf course to do a painting of town. It was a grey day today, but very mild, so freezing paint wasn't a problem. The lack of sun made some of the colours of the leafless trees really "pop". I also love the colour of the exposed grass, and how it contrasts with the battleship grey of the sky and water.

After some lunch, I picked up fellow artist Cedar Sky, and we went out to Chamcook for some XC skiing. We put in about 20 km, skiing out to hwy 1 before turning around. The trails continue to hold up well, despite the mild weather; and the lake continues to be perfect for skate skiing.

That done, I dropped Cedar off and headed out to the salt-water marsh to do another painting. The afternoon light from the west made for perfect painting conditions, even though things were still overcast. The February colours of the area popped with great clarity, and I think I captured them at just the right time of day.

All in all, another productive day!

Back soon...


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Holly Wagg said...

Hi Geoff,

We're so glad to hear you'll be involved in an ArtsSmarts New Brunswick. Can't wait to follow your blog updates as the project progresses.