Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Time and Off-Kilter

What a crazy month! I've been pulled in many directions this past month, and am just now starting to see some results from my efforts. Most of my time has been chewed up in three different areas: the trails; commissioned art; bikes.


I've been building trails for a number of years, but this year I've had some unexpected help. The town of St. Andrews has provided manpower, tools, and funding to put a big push on so all the trails can be linked together in the area. This gives us 20 km of trails within the town limits... pretty cool! It has eaten into my "creative" time, but it has been worth it.

Commissioned Art

Also this month I've had a number of commissions to get done. Two were "art piece signage" for some new businesses to town. Both took more time than expected because of the damp weather we have been having. (It just has taken forever for things to dry). I also have two new murals to paint in town. One is a historic piece depicting the landing of French Explorers on St Croix Island. The other will be smaller; a subtle little art piece on a fence between two buildings downtown. I'm using Hank (Andrea's Dad) as the focal point... a man leaning on a rail in an alley. I'm looking forward to better weather to start both.


I've been riding lots, and so has everyone else. Unfortunately, the basement has been full all month of bike repairs. My "fix everyones' bike for free" policy is starting to wear a little thin. I think some are taking advantage of a good thing. I'm going to think on it a bit, but I may have to start charging something. It is really cutting into my time.
Something fun that is bike-related that happened this month... Off-Kilter. I started a MTB club that wears kilts! I've designed a mountain bike kilt that is made by a master kilt-maker right here in town. It is in the New Brunswick tartan, and is worn over bike shorts. The membership is growing already; soon everyone on a mountain bike in St Andrews will be Off-Kilter!

Fight the good fight...