Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lovin' XC

Today the artwork was indoors... the painting of two Chickadees on the mural for Groom Insurance. They add a little something to the background; a little treat if you look long enough!

I think I'll seal it up now. It's in the can.

After lunch, I decided to go out and see how the trails were holding up. I decided to skip Chamcook Lake, and use my friend Kurt's access road to his lakefront cottage. Good choice - his road is still great to ski down, and the rail line trail is still holding up well. I'm just lovin' the XC skiing; in particular, skate skiing.

Today I skied out to Lineburner Lake - the last lake on the rail line before Highway 1. The Tidd family with some friends were into some pond hockey, and so I snapped some shots of the game. They were having "some kind of fun", as they say in these parts!

It was warm enough to ski in a t-shirt today, something pretty rare on February 21 in these parts. On the way back, it started to snow a bit, but as I look out the window here at 5pm, it has all stopped and looks wet and mild.

Tomorrow I'll be back to painting outside, which I'm looking forward to!


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