Thursday, January 29, 2009

Painting Lines In Florida

My work space in Florida is pretty 'sparse' compared to my digs at home in New Brunswick, and so while down here I have been working on small pieces.

The first works centred around the folks at Higher Ground Bike Co. They have all gone out of thier way to make it feel like home here, and I wanted to give them something for the hospitality they have shown me. The painting I gave Todd May (owner of HG) is a line painting of Ryan the shop mechanic working on a bike. It may become part of a larger project I'm working out with Todd.

The other two paintings, one of an orange blossom and the other of a magnolia flower, are inspired by the beautiful plants of Florida. Even in the winter, the landscape is very lush and green. These works will likely go in the studio this summer. The ones that I find the most successful compositions I'll turn into larger acrylic pieces back in NB.

Peace... Slats

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