Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Morning Ride

I put a few miles in this morning...I had to catch up after yesterday's brush with consumerism( shopping!!). I rode out to the state park on St George Island, and was feeling good, so on the way back I decided to head across the bridge for Eastpoint and then Apalachicola.

The views are great from the bridges; you can look down on the oyster fishermen working the bay and see dolphin searching for thier next meal. Pretty cool!
In Apalachicola I popped into the Cafe Con Leche for a quick coffee...then back on the road to the island.The road tires on the bike make a huge difference....the problem is that athough I'm faster, I no longer have tall enough gearing to keep up!
I don't plan on spending too much time on the road, so I'll deal with it.
It has turned into a pretty nice day; I think I'll talk the family into spending a couple of hours walking on the beach. I think there are some shells with our names on them. Painting can wait a bit.

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