Friday, April 24, 2009


It has been a great couple of days weather-wise in these parts; the sun has been good for the soul!

So a couple of things to update everyone on... I have finished my painting "The Bike Mechanic", and have it all framed and ready to go. This weekend I will build a crate, and then it heads south.

The next piece will be the same size, and will be a self portrait called "Preparing For An Epic". I'll be starting that one next week.

The second thing is that the woods are clear of snow! All the trails around here are accessable now, if not a little greasy! I put some time in, yesterday and today, up on Mt Greenlaw and Mt Chamcook. The trails all held up well through the winter, and are in near perfect condition. The time I put in on the bike this winter has paid off - all the climbs were comfortable middle-ringers!

Had an art opening tonight at Sunbury Shores for the teachers... I had 7 pieces displayed. We all walked down, as it was a beautiful evening.

That's all for now...

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Kurt said...

great ride yesterday! check my blog for the details!