Saturday, April 11, 2009

"The Bike Mechanic" Progress

I am making slow progress on this new painting.

I was hoping to be done my portrait of Ryan by now, but some things have come up.
The biggest time-stealer was the painting of a sign for a friend who is opening a new restaurant in town. Time was tight, so it couldn't wait.

What I have accomplished, I'm pleased with. It is a good solid start to this new direction in my work. ( All things mountain biking!!)

I have been back on the bike, but mostly on the road. There is still too much snow in the dark spots of the woods. All of the mountains are still covered on the north side, and the trails are pretty much impassable. The other day I tried to bust open a section of the rail line pass, north of Chamcook Mountain, and ended up doing a 5 mile hike-a-bike through knee deep slush... not nice!! It looks like the south side of the mountains are melted, however. I'm going to try to get up Mount Greenlaw in the morning. If I make it, I'll post some pictures.

Thats all for now!!

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