Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Big Balls

For a long time I've had the idea to do something sculptural with one of the giant steel buoys that I've seen around from time to time, washed up on the beach. I put the word out to some friends, and it wasn't long before Mike Leblanc (welder, fabricator, all around great guy) had located two of them for use.

I entered a plan for one of them in the National Sculpture Competition at Kingsbrae Gardens, and was picked as an entry. All of a sudden, I had to get this thing done! So, despite the crappy May weather, under tent and tarp, it began to take shape.

These old buoys have a cool history. They were origionally created in WWII to moor convoy ships to, before they carried supplies to Britain. They also held up the submarine nets that protected our harbours. More recently, they were used by the aquaculture industry to anchor cage sites.

I wanted to pay homage to the past, while giving a buoy a new life. So I painted the buoy to look as though it had a big tear in it, and painted my 2 year old daughter inside looking out, holding flowers.

Everyone seems to like it!

The Kingsbrae staff helped wrestle it up to the garden to put in its place for the competition. They placed it in the pond at the bottom of the garden, a spot that I think suits the sculpture well.

 I look forward to the response from the public.


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