Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Poof!!! Another summer gone!!
So where did July go? I can't believe how fast this summer is going. And the weather this last month has been terrible - never seen so much rain. Despite all that, there have been some high points... here it goes!
The first couple of weeks of July were split between painting at the studio, and an outdoor rec course I led at Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre. The class involved full days of mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, and climbing. Everyone made it out alive, and lived to tell the tale.
Then there was the pool. We put a little pool in; and with it came a fence, deck, landscaping, planters, plants, and pretty much an entire re-design of the backyard and poof - another 2 weeks gone.

It is the best thing we've done for ourselves in a long time.

We had some nice visits from friends and family that allowed me to play tour guide a bit (I like that), and we all took a bit of time to enjoy a few meals, sunsets, and glasses of wine in good company.

I have also started a new mural in town. It depicts the 1604 landing of explorer Champlain on St Croix Island. I've made some progress, and am now waiting on paint before any more gets done.

The response so far has been favorable.

All work and no play makes Geoff a dull boy, and I've been playing lots, despite the weather (and a bad knee....that I don't want to think about). Been doing a lot of riding, and things are only this last week starting to dry out.

What a mudfest it has been on the east coast this year. One memorable ride we did with the off-kilter boys was in Fog City (Saint John). We were riding in such a downpour that by the end of the ride we almost had to stop and walk because we couldn't see anymore. You couldn't tell where the sky and ground met. Very rainforest!

My health has been great, and the rest of the family is happy and strong; my wish is the same for all...


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